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Beka and Jason | Seattle Maternity Photographer

Have you ever met someone and just felt that “click” moment?  Something about meeting Beka and Jason did that for me.  I met them and was instantly glad that they had selected ME of all people to be their Seattle maternity photographer.  There is something about their essence that screams “You know you want to be friends with me.”  And I did.  I instantly wanted to become friends with them, and I’m so happy to say that I think we’re headed toward “friend zone”.  Hanging out with them over the last couple of months at their maternity, newborn session, and gallery premiere appointments (yes, I am WOEFULLY behind on blogging) has afforded me the opportunity to creep into their lives like that the weird uncle that you can’t manage to turn away on holidays.  Yep, call me Uncle Willy.

However, back to the beautiful parents-to-be (or so they were at the time of these images.  They’re now spectacular parents).  The thing that drew me in was there palpable love.  It was like this crazy forcefield around them that you didn’t want to penetrate, because it embodied them so completely you were afraid that even the hint of your presence would cause it to burst.  Watching them interact at their Seattle maternity photography session was incredible.  I’ve never seen a man look at his wife with such love and awe as I did when Jason looked at his beautiful bride.  It was like a man seeing the sun for the first time.  The coquettish way that Beka laughed every time Jason told her something silly in her ear couldn’t help but leave a smile on my face as well.  Watching them interact even for a few minutes, I knew that their baby’s home would be filled with so much love that nothing will ever be able to get in the way of her happiness.

To Beka and Jason, thank you for hiring me to be your Seattle maternity photographer.  Thank you for letting me in on just a snippet of the love and happiness that you two share.  Thank you for loving each other as passionately as you do, and for using that love to create a miraculous little girl.

Brooke Drumm is a licensed and insured  Seattle newborn photographer in the State of Washington.  She is the premier boutique, full-service Seattle newborn photographer and focuses on creating images and products that will be cherished for generations.  She was trained by some of the best newborn photographers in the world, and focuses her work on photographing newborns safely and beautifully.
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  • Sarah Cruz

    What lovely images to show off that pregnancy glow! Brooke Drumm you are a treasured Seattle Photographer, highlighting relationship and love in your images. So charming. Love the lush Seattle location. Well done!

  • This is seriously so beautiful! What an amazing Seattle Photographer you are! Wish we lived closer to Seattle!

  • Brie

    Brooke you are seriously the best Seattle newborn photographer! I love all of these images! I can’t wait to have you take my photos soon!

  • Leila

    You captured this special time in their life perfectly! You are by far the best Seattle Newborn Photographer!

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